What is kite connect API.?

What is kite connect API ..?

Is it something like programmers can change kite platform and add additional tools and do whatever they wish in kite..?

Don't give Z-Connect link. I have already read it and like lot of traders all things gone above head, even we heard the word API first time. Hence please explain bit brief in simple language.   

Hello Trader,

API is communication program designed to help a third party trading software to communicate with Kite.

This API program allows a third party trading software to communicate with Kite and execute BUY / SELL orders through your trading account with Zerodha.

You can develop your own Trading software or buy one and use this API to link it your Zerodha Trading Account using Kite as a middleman.

API cannot alter the original design of Kite software , It can only communicate with Kite.

Hope this helps.

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