What is margin Available Really mean?

hello trader,

At 9 am this represents the cash balance in your trading account.

As you keep trading during the day, this figure discounts many factors that includes your open positions, charges accrued for the day etc etc, which is very complicated to figure out what is what.


When it comes to Funds in your trading platform,

Total Account Value = Margin Available + Margin Used

Margin Used = Margin used for equity intraday, F&O positional/intraday trading and Delivery trades.

Whenever you square off your open positions, the margin used will be credited back to Margin Available.

You can look at Margin Available as exactly what it states - it is the Margin Available for you to take further positions.

What if “Margin Available” shows negative value?
Do we need to pay any penalty for that?

Hey @Shivam_Gupta

Yes. Check out this support article to learn more.

Thanks for your prompt reply…
Yesterday My account was showing positive but today it is showing negative while my F&O position has become more stronger then yesterday.


Our support representative will help you out with this query as this needs account specific information. Please raise a ticket here.