What is mean by High Beta Stock?

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simply put, high beta means high volatility.

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Beta measures the sensitivity of the stock versus the market. For example if the beta of a stock is 0.9, it means for every 1% up move or down move in the market, the stock is likely to move up or down by 0.9% respectively.

Likewise if the beta is 1.2, then for every 1% up/down move the stock is likely to go up/down by 1.2%.

Usually stocks with beta…over and above 1 or 1.3 are considered high beta.


1.KIndly give examples of high beta stocks.
2. where do we get beta values?

High Beta stocks - DLF, Tata Steel,BHEL etc
To get Beta values of Nifty 50 - http://www.nseindia.com/archives/indices/update/indupJun2014.pdf …look at page 7.

Karthik : Will it (beta) change from time to time? or constant all the time ?

Beta changes, and is not a constant number. The change depends on the movement in the stock price.

Kathik, what is the beta of Nifty? Is it 1?

Yes, beta of the stock market indices such as Nifty, and Sensex is 1.

thanks Karthik :slight_smile:

Can we use Beta Indicator in Zerodha Trading View Chart? I was not able to find it

There is no Indicator as such.

You can view Beta values on by viewing the Fundamentals.



You can also use TickerTape Screener to filter Beta value of stocks.

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