What is NFO and can I trade in NFO?


Hi , I am have opened zerodha account with 300 rupees . Can anyone tell me in what all segments I cannot trade …
Can I trade in NFO ?
and what is NFO can you explain as I am new to trading


NFO means Not FOr newcomers. Don’t trade.


Please spend a lot of time in reading and learning about FNO and do’s and don’t’s while taking a trade in fno
Do some paper and virtual trading before taking a real trade in fno
It could take you a few months at least to learn most of the things as you are new in this field.
Don’t be in a hurry to trade live just because you have a trading account in place.

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From my experience I am telling you, trading in Options is a lot better and safer than doing Intraday on margins.


on my view intraday trading on equities will be better.
if u gain knowledge with equity then u can try futures and then options.