What is Niftybee and how to trade it on Zerodha

Is Niftybee is a safe option and can be sold anytime. What are the charges & margin requirements ?

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Nifty BeES is an open ended ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) whose returns closely coincides with the total returns of the securities present in the Nifty Index.

So if you are bullish on the Nifty, you can buy these ETF’s.

For trading at Zerodha, you’ll need full margin to buy the ETF in CNC.

For charges you can use our brokerage calculator: http://zerodha.com/brokerage_calculator


Nifty bee are Exchange traded Scheme, which is on CNX Nifty Index, It is a safe option to invest as the Index moves your return's will be closely similar to it... Charges will be EQ Delivery 20rs or .01% whichever is lower on Intraday and 20rs or .1% whichever is lower on delivery.... about margins we give 10 times for Intraday and no margin for Delivery...