What is Settlement Id on DIS

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My DP has issued me Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS). For on-market transfer there’s a field called settlement id. My broker said it’s not required.

What is this settlement id and is it necessary to be mentioned on the DIS?
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@rohit80 Market trade can not be executed without settlement no . settlement no is of the date on which the trade has been executed . like today 27 June 2019 the NSE settlement no is : 2019121 for normal group .

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Yes you are absolutely right. There was disconnect in understanding of my broker. He was expecting me to have a demat account with him and give him the POA so that he could debit the securities on settlement day. In that case no DIS is required and I need not be worries about the settlement number.

What I was referring to (eventually now that I understand) is selling with broker when my securities are held with another DP. (where I have to fill the DIS after sell and submit it to DP for debit to broker account for settlement)
Thanks for your help. It’s very clear now.

In such case instead of physical dis slip you can use SPEED E (nsdl ) or EASI (cdsl) . for this you have to enter into an agreement with the dp and hand over the consent letter from broker /brokers whom you want to add . this is less expensive and available 24 hours and instant .

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