What is smallcase and anybody using their service?


what is smallcase and anybody using their service ?


Hey @amanmourya,

Check out this post to get an overview of what Smallcase is -



smallcase is a long term investing platform in direct equities and ETF’s. Each smallcase is a basket of stocks curated based on a specific theme / model / sector. You can choose any smallcase in which you are confident and positive on for the long term investments.

Our total user base as of now is over 2 Lakh users across Zerodha.

  • When you buy a smallcase, the index value is set to 100 for easy tracking, so that you don’t have to monitor individual stocks.
  • And every smallcase is reviewed & updated on a periodic basis (mostly quarterly) to ensure the stocks & weight continue to reflect the underlying idea/theme/model of the smallcase
  • You can also start SIP with your already invested smallcase. Its a more of investing more in a smallcase regularly.

Happy investing :slight_smile:


can you give me link where I can understand it, in app there are so much option and I can’t understand it
Just a training or education video


Smallcase has a channel in youtube by the same name, you may go there and learn about it.


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Here is the link for,