What is the advanage of using trading platform like amibroker or ninjatrader and pay for data feed?


I hear a lot about amibroker and ninjatrader and data feed providers like global data feed etc.

I am confused as to why someone would pay monthly fees when zerodha or upstox are providing browser based trading option as well as software like dartstock (upstox)

I mean what is so special in paid data feed etc?



  1. Flexibility to design and custom code your own technical Indicators.

  2. Create Trading Signals based on complex logic.

  3. Trade Automation.

To enjoy the above benefits of trading on Amibroker/MT4 etc, you will need to feed in data from one of the many data vendors.

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Amibroker Formula Language had the most similarities to Metastock, a platform I tested many years ago. Thus, easier for me to learn. A lightning fast optimization feature. I talked with another trader using Tradestation, but for me the AB code looked much more intuitive and easier to grasp.