What is the average buy price of my holding?



As per FIFO method, out of 15 qty, 5 will be in Demat holding at the average rate of 2058

another 10 qty in T+1 holding @ 2121

Once its credited to Demat, total average will be, 15 @ 2100/-


BUY average for 15 shares is Rs.2058

and another 10 quantity is in T1 avg price is Rs.2121

As per the FIFO method all the shares previously purchased was sold out. These are the left one. Once T1 is delivered to demat AVG price will be Rs.2083.2


Buy Average price for 15 Shares is Rs.2102/- and 10 Shares will remain in T1 Holdings as it is bought on 19/06/2015.

Shares traded on 11/06/2015 will be treated as intraday.


The average price of share bought and sold will be calculated as per the First in First Out method. On 10.06.2015 there was a purchase of 15 shares at Rs.2102. On 11.06.2015 it is an Intraday trade. On 19.06.2015 10 shares was bought at Rs.2121 which is in T1 holding.


If the client calculates actual Buy average would be Rs.2146.65 and sell avg would be Rs.2223.90.

The P/L statement will show calculation as per FIFO method, the avg buying price for 15 shares will be Rs.2058/- and for the 10 shares held in T1 holding will be Rs.2121/-.


The Average buy price is Rs.2146.661. The average buy price is calculated by Dividing the total cost of the shares purchased, by the total buy quantity


Buy average of 15 Qty will be 2102. Shares traded on 11/06/2015 is intraday, bought on 19/06/2015 will be in T1 holdings.


15 shares were bought at Rs 2102/- on 10/06/2015, the next day i.e., 11/06/2015 there were 15 shares sold and bought back which is considered day transaction hence the buy average will be 2102.


The average buy price for 15 qty is 2102.

Remaining 10 qty which was bought on 19th will be under T1 holding​s and the average buy price for that will be 2121​.


As per first in first out methode

The buy avg is 2102 for 15 shares in demat account

The buy avg is 2121 for T1 holdings


Buying Averae price= 2146.661Rs

Total buy Value = 233986Rs
Total shares = 109



The buy average price of 15 shares 2058.

Remaining 10 qty will be under T1 holding @2121


Buy Average price is : 2160.87


At the end of 3/6/2015 all holdings were closed.

at 10th 15 qty bought @ 2102

And on 11th 2+13 qty sold @ 2130 and 15 qty bought @ 2058 (This will be considered as intraday trade)

Then on 19-06-2015 10 qty B @ 2121 which will be on T1 holdings

So In Demat 15 shares will be there @ a Avg price of 2102


Rs 2102/- is the buy average price for 15 shares, these were bought on 10/06/2015, on 11/06/2015 the same number of shares were sold and bought back which would be considered as an intra-day transaction.


Total number of outstanding shares was 15 and avg buy price is 2102.


The calculation is based on FIFO method . As per the doc on 10/6/2015 ,15 shares has bought at 2102 and on 11/06/2015 its an intraday so we can not consider . On 19/06/2015 there is only buy shares which is in T1 ,so average buy price of holding is 2102.


2102, for shares in Demat [delivered shares]


For 15 shares BUY Average Price is RS 2102 and shares bought on 19/06/2015 are 10 which are in T1 holding  avg price is Rs.2121.Trade done on 11/06/2015 are considered as intraday trade 


15 stocks at price 2102 in my holdings.

t1 holding 10 stocks at price 2121.