What is the average buy price of my holding?


Client is holding 25 shares and the average becomes 1887.23 for these 25 shares.


As per the Google doc shared, total buy quantity is: 109 and the total value of the stocks is Rs.233986.

So if we divide 233986/109=2146.66055 will be the buying average price for each individual stock.


The total shares was 109 and value is 233986 RS

The Average buy price is Rs.2146.661.


The Buy average price is 2102 for 15 shares.


Total Buy Value is 233986.

Total Number of shares is 109.

Total Buy Value/Total Number of Shares = Buy Average





As your Google Log Price list

Your Buy Average Price for 84 units 2146

Sell Average Price for 84 Units 2223

So here you have booked profit for 84 Units Rs.77(2223-2146) each Unit

Your Buy Average Price for 15 Units Rs.1715 (after adjusted profit which you have made on 84 Units)


Buy price is 2102 (Bought on 10th)

Trades before thats would have been netted off and P/L realized. 11th is intraday and 19th still not in demat.


The buy Avg for 15 qty will be 2102

The calculation is as per FIFO basis

The last 10 qty will be under T1 holding.


the buying average is 2160

Note : Total buy Value/Total Number of shares


The buy average of 15 Qty will be 2102 as on 11/06/2015 and 10 Shares will remain in T1 Holdings, which is  bought on 19/06/2015.


2102 is average buy price for 15 shares.

transaction on 11th june is considered as intraday.


Buy average is 2058.

T1 holdings will not be considered are holdings.


In Holdings 15 shares at an average of 2058 and T1 10 shares at 2121.


Total Buy Value/Total Number of Shares = Buy Average



Your average buy price will be = 2111.5


Buy average of 15 Qty will be 2102


The Buy average price would be 2102.


buy average price for 15 = 2058 and T1 10 shares at 2121…


The total qty was bought is 109 out of which only 84 where sold remaining is 25

Stocks which are bought on 11th & 19th June were not sold and the average price is 2089.5


In demat account the 15 shares is the buy average for 2102.

In T1 holdings the buy average is 2121.