What is the best masters degree in India (with respect to stock markets and finances)? If to be pursued abroad, which course/degree would you suggest?

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Masters Degree in Risk & Asset Management from EDHEC Business School, France

I really dont know what other specializations are there!


I guess an MBA-Finance from a topgrade institution. There is no masters degree as such which is recognized internationally being offered anywhere in India (atleast according to me).

If you are talking internationally, the choices are limitless. I guess you will have to decide on what aspect of stock markets do you want to specialize in, trading, risk, or anything else. Closer to India, Singapore has a bunch of really good B schools.


Post Graduation or MBA’s from any IIM’s should be a good decision (little tough to crack entrance, but possible), if not then there are plenty of business schools in India and abroad which will do the needful.

Secondly, it also depends whether you want to work under someone, or work for yourself - by being a fulltime trader.

if you are looking to enter into investing, then you can do MBA and CFA, but if you are looking at technical analysis and trading, then doing any MBA/CFA/CA etc. does not make any sense. All the best!

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I do not know about Degree courses, but from the financial market point of view, one can go through different courses/exams:


Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading​ from QuantInsti (http://www.quantinsti.com/​)

Management course in Credit Risk Analysis.

Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Program from ATMA (http://atma-india.net/cmt-program.html)



Not sure if there is any program (be it Masters or PhD) that can teach on trading financial markets but cannot say the same about Risk management, Asset management and other specializations.

1. Risk Management programs typically equip students for careers in corporate risk management,risk management consulting,employee benefits management/consulting, and insurance brokerage.  In the states, most of the MBA programs in Risk management focus on the insurance and corporate risk.

2. Asset management MBA programs - if one wants to get into hedge fund or the lucrative Asset management industry, this is the best bet. Whether one pursues equity research, fixed income or any one of several different investment vehicles in which to focus,an investment management career provides attractive salaries and performance bonuses, and perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to satisfy a personal passion for investing. Having said this, most of the hedge fund managers( the managers in top 20 hedge fund companies from all over the world) come from Wharton, Booth or Columbia.

Good luck !!


Besides IIM Calcutta, I heard IFMR in Chennai is quite good. For some certification you may even want to check Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance. Besides IIMC, I cant vouch for the other two institutes as I have only heard they are good.

Internationally there are many options. Like Nithin mentioned Singapore is a good option. Most of the courses are linked to Financial Engineering. Check out Nanyang and NTU in Sg.

London is another great place to study - Cass Business School has many options.

ICMA Center in Reading (30 mins train from London) has a great options.

Of Course, EDHEC Business School, France is very very good. I’m an alumnus of this institute and i can vouch for the quality of education, its truly trasnforational.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the inputs!

Madan you are mainly refering to Corporate Risk management. There is another side to this - Market Risk. A course related to Market Risk equips students for careers in the Middle Office of a typical IB. Typical job involves analysing firm wider risk positions acorss multi asset portfolios. Which means you need to know each financial instruments like the back of your hand. Be it Fixed Income, CDO, Equity, Derivatives etc. You may be interested to know, in a large IB, without the the RMS team’'s concent, traders cannot initiate positions.

Karthik - I agree with you. I am not very familiar with the organizational structure of big firms. But one of my friend is a Risk manager in JPMorgan, NYC and in his firm Market Risk group is an independent risk group within Corporate Risk Management, reporting to the Firm’s Chief Risk Officer. So, i thought when we say Corporate risk, it would encompass Market risk. But Market risk dept is a separate division in MS, GS and other firms. So obviously, i stand corrected :slight_smile: