What is the best option to invest cash?

I’ve 20L+ in Fixed Deposit and I get roughly 6% interest before tax.
What is the best option to invest this money rather than putting all in Equity MF at once.
I already have few SIPs to invest 25K each month in different Equity MFs.
I do not need cash immediately but I want to put this in safe MF.
I am looking at Debt funds but being a newbie to Mutual Funds, I am confused with Crisil Rating and suggestions by other experts.

At the moment, I’m putting everything in multi-cap funds.

Also, I have like 10 different SIPs. Is it a good idea to diversify MFs as well?

@ashitvora You can Invest your money in Good stock which Give High dividend.
There Are NO TAX on Profit Which are Earned From Dividend upto 10 Lakh.

Thank you.