What is the best source to learn about options and futures?

I am aware of varsity from Zerodha but I prefer to have video education and I found playlist from zerodha but those are not really good…is there any other source for F&O education?

First you finish basic concepts and move to self learning by trading f&o in live Market

It’s a long Run learning process and self learning is best when it’s come to trading.

If you will not learn by self learning you will be always in doubts.

Coming to videos it’s all commercial for their own Profits by selling random videos and YouTube guys make money by view.

There are few genuine guys on YouTube who clear the concept of Trading.

What do you mean by self learning? you mean trial and error?

Zerodha Varsity is more than enough, if u find it difficult, dont read the complex chapters of pricing of options and so on

Even if u read basic options and futures its enough

Then go to real market, take paper trades (in futures). Or take small amount trades in options. And learn.

Dont short options until u r expert, only take buy trades.

Videos and all will be good for nothing. One should know basics and then real market experience.

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True.I second the opinions posted here.learning little by little and implementing them in live markets with small capital is the best way to go

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Hi @curiousvi

Here are a few:

This playlist is from us


There are some more in this post, where we shortlisted some of our favourites

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