What is the differance between commodity contracts Expiry date and Delivery Period

I have very basic query regarding the MCX Future Contract Expiry date, Suppose I am trading “SILVERM19NOV” then its Expiry Date is 29 Nov 2019. I don’t want to have any Physical Delivery of this contract or Auto Squaring Off.

  1. Can anyone explain me whether can I place Intraday Trades (CO) till 29 Nov 2019 ? Or Is it just allowed till 19 Nov 2019 only?

  2. My another question is what does “19NOV” in Symbol name denotes vs the Expiry date mentioned in market depth window?

1.Kindly note there is no physical delivery for Silverm contract as of now. It is cash settled.So you can trade till expiry day of the contract.
2.19NOV in symbol just represents 2019 contract. As there are 2020 contract also available to avoid confusion, it is represented as 19 NOV. Exact expiry date will be mentioned in the market depth wndow.
You can check the below link for more information regarding MCX Contracts.