What is the difference between discount brokerage and traditional brokerage?


Stock broking firms which charges brokerage/commission as per percentage on turnover (buy value +sell value) are called traditional brokers

Stock broking firms which charges brokerage/commission at discounted rate are called discount brokers example: Rs. 20 /trade or paying brokerage upfront for unlimited trades.

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A stockbroker who carries out buy and sell orders at a reduced commission compared to a full-service broker, but provides no investment advice,


A traditional broker will provide a full fledged services like PMS, Advisory/Tips , Mutual Funds, Insurance (General & health), customer Support & Call & trade etc.

Where has discount brokers do provide services like Customer Support, call & trade facility, Mutual Funds etc but not the Advisory or PMS services. All these services provided through online unlike the traditional brokers.

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Traditional Broker who following trend since many years.

Discount Brokers who have very low brokerage and different way like Rs 500 per month unlimited trading etc.

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