What is the difference between Market cap and AUM of an ETF?

I thought they meant the same for an ETF. But on tickertape.in website, these values aren’t the same for any given fund. For example, SBI Nifty 50 ETF has a market cap of 8,375.51 crore and AUM of 1,54,850.7 crore. One figure is 18x the other!

Also these numbers are different for each fund of the same AMC. So it has to be a measure of the fund, and not the AMC.


(Gentle push) Whoever has some idea on my query, please share your thoughts.


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If I’m not wrong, ETFs are just like stocks wherein the underlying is the collection of securities that tracks any particular index instead of an individual company. So, market cap for them implies number of shares issued by the AMC * Price.

Whereas AUM is the assets that the particular AMC holds.

Sort of like Holding company concept

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But AUM shown is different for each fund of the same AMC. So it has to be a measure of fund, not the AMC.

Only logical difference would be Mcap for ETF is derived by multiplying Last traded Price with total no. of units whereas AUM would be NAV*Total units.
There is generally fluctuation between Traded prices and NAV and hence these two numbers might slightly vary from each other

This is simply wrong data. There cannot be any explanation for this

Maybe @Tickertape can explain this huge difference

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I too doubted the same. But didn’t mention it so as to not create any bias.

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