What is the different between account balance and withdrawal balance?

I found in the funds details of back office as account balance 111769.44 and withdrawal balance is 54469.42. Is it means my total balance is 111769.44+54469.42 or is 111769.44 the total balance?

Account balance is the total money in your account as of now, withdrawable balance usually refers to the free cash. For example if 1lk is account balance and 50k is withrawable balance, the remaining 50k could either be the margin that is blocked for trading futures or it could be money from stock which you have sold today (which can be withdrawn only after 2 days).

In your case, I think 1.11 lks is your total balance.

What is the meaning of money blocked for trading? Can’t i convert it to withdraw amount?

when you open a position in future, your margin money is blocked until you close the future position. Once you close the position, your margin money will convert to withdraw amount.