What is the Expert Advisor code for Alligator (15,8,8,5,5,3)?

The alligator technical is a powerful method to decide when to buy and sell. Kindly let me know the code for alligator. For example, I would like to buy if the candle closes above the middle line of the alligator (15,8,8,5,5,3) and sell if the close is below the line. How to go about coding this in the expert advisor?

Alligator indicator is not available in tradescript language as of now, so it is not possible write on tradescript

Is there an alternative for this? Can I use any other average that I can offset into the future like the alligator. Im asking this because the alligator is critical for my trading entry. Though it is visible in kite, if I need to backtest and automate my trading, I will be needing this in PI