What is the maximum % of international equity, a flexi cap can hold?

I would like to know what is the maximum percentage of international equities like (Alphabet, Amazon, Meta…) an indian flexi cap can hold?

It seems Sebi has limit of USD 1 billion limit (around ₹7,400) crore for fund houses for international investment

Ref : AMC seeks overseas investment limit hike

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Well only restriction for flexicap fund is that it needs to have 65% of its assets invested in Indian equities.
So theoretically Max 35% can go to international equities if fund manager so wishes.
But again this is theoretical. Fund also need to hold some cash and equivalent, so max about 25% - 30% can go to Foreign equities,

Also, there is a separate limit of USD 1B at fund house level for international exposure.

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Such funds need to invest a minimum of 65% of funds in Indian equities. The rest amount can be invested in international stocks.

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