What is the procedure to become mutual fund advisor?


  • ARN Number issued by AMFI to the Individual, Senior Citizen, Partnership Firm or Company
  • ARN Certificate issued by AMFI to a person other than Individual
  • Duly filled Empanelment form with a Photograph (For a Company, photograph is not required)
  • PAN Number
  • A Self-Declaration form stating compliance of circulars issued by AMFI
  • In case of a firm or company, the additional document is required which clearly states that all their employees are AMFI qualified
  • A Bank Mandate

Process: You basically speak to the Mutual fund house, share your ARN number with them and a request to partner with them. Once done, you can start advising and earning commission from the mutual fund sales you make for that particular fund house. 

All you have to do is a call a fund house, the sales guys will help you do the rest :) 

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Just answer AMFI Exams (NCFM takes care), you will get ARN registration card (validity is 5 years/renewable), then get yourself empanelled with MF companies like UTI, HDFC, ICICI etc…That’s it. You are good to go. When you get your first commission, don’t forget to give me a treat. :wink:

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Can you help me know which fund house to go with pls? just some rough idea… thanks

Sudesh, if we have to just advice, and not take deposit from public, do we still need to clear these exams?