What is the reason of rising crude inspite of a super bearish Crude inventory report?

Today the Crude Oil inventory report came out to be super bearish but still Crude is moving up breaking all resistances. Can anybody throw some light on this contradictory behaviour in crude stock?

lol nice prediction, must have been just last exhausted push before rolling down n falling
maybe i’ll also start looking at fundamentals from now on wards.

saudi to cut oil output

A quick tour of overnight economic data show UK industrial production coming in below consensus for January on the prior month, up a marginal 0.2 percent YoY. We saw a smidgen of good news from Brazil as inflation for February ticked lower, although it still remains close to 12-year highs at 10.36 percent. It’s another quiet day on the economic data front for the U.S.

@Gurly7 @rahulkhanna @trader_dude @sekhar916 @Newbie420 @saurav106 @abhi9392 @rachuri1976 @ShubhS9 in.Tradingview.com not showing the CrudeOil Chart. Somebody could tell me how to get it? I am looking for the Indicator alert.