What is the safest way to use collateral margin

lets say…I have Bharat Bond or govt securities and want to pledge them. Now I want use that collateral margin money in a safest way. I don’t want to trade. I want to buy & sell ETF in small time frame. I am ok …not to taking the delivery of stocks. Please suggest if there any options available in market.

You can trade stocks/ETFs intraday against your collateral margin.

However, all ETFs are not available for intraday trading. Only a few highly liquid ones are available for trading through MIS.

You can do intraday trading with collateral margin, but one more option to earn money is writing options if you have good knowledge of the same.

Any other strategies…where we use collateral margin money and don’t loose money.

If you don’t want to lose any money I would suggest you not to pledge your holdings.