What is the sequence of CNC sell order

I am using kite.zerodha.com; I do not get the clear understanding from the portal in which order/sequence sell trades are happening in respect to buy trades. Let's take an example:

Order Sequence Date Type Price Quantity
1 01/06/2016,09:30 Buy 200 25
2 01/06/2016,11:00 Buy 185 50
3 02/06/2016,09:30 Buy 170 50
4 03/06/2016,11:30 Buy 155 100
5 11/07/2016,09:30 Sell 190 45 (loss/profit ?)
6 15/07/2016,09:30 Sell 210 50
7 21/07/2016 Sell 220 130

So, in above table, for sell order (5) which shares were considered? The cheapest bought (Sequence-4 @ Rs155) or the first bought (Sequence-1 @ Rs200). Basically without this information I couldn't figure out whether sell order was profitable or loss making and by what amount?

Any help is appreciated.

IMHO this question pertains to basics of order execution with exchange, my query isn’t related to kite or zerodha but in general how in which sequence trades/orders are executed. Can you please edit and open the question?