What is the settlement value that is being deducted almost everyday from my account?

Inspite of making few profits my settlement value is always being debited from my equity balance. I donot understand what really is this settlement value being charged everyday. Lets say I buy shares worth 100 and sell it for 150, I am supposed to have 50 extra in my account. Considering the zerodha charges minus my profit I still need to have a positive figure. What is this settlement value?


Look at ur contract notes
Or p&l in Q

That’ll tell you what actual position is


For equity trading, settlement value can consist of the following:

  1. Equity delivery buy value
  2. Equity delivery sell value
  3. Equity intraday profit
  4. Equity intraday loss

In the case of delivery sell and/or intraday profit, the settlement value will be a credit in your ledger and it will be added to your trading account. Conversely, for delivery buy and/or intraday loss, the settlement value will be a debit in your ledger and it will be removed from your trading account.

Yes, if you buy shares worth 100 and sell it for 150 on the same day, then this is an intraday profit of Rs.50 and it will show as a credit in your ledger. Assuming you’ve not placed any other intraday trade and if your settlement value is shows in negative even after your intraday profit of Rs.50, then the only scenario that explains this is some shares were bought for delivery in your account whose buy value was greater than the intraday profit you made.

Please write a mail to [email protected] if this still doesn’t answer your query. As Som_E suggested, you can verify your settlement value in your contract note.

I’m too facing the same problem. Could u pls advise me if u have some suggestions.I want to learn intraday but this thing worries me.