What is the significance of Samvat 2075 and Muhurat trading 2018?


Can you elaborate more on those ignorance and ego, cause I don’t possess both of them, I buy lots of golds or other commodities on that particular auspicious day but i have serious reservations on stocks. We are mixing up stocks with commodities. Also nature’s control is always with our lives we cannot avoid it, but we can do something so that we can minimize it.


@sabyasachi_sadhu bhai bolna kiya chahta hai … your thoughts are valuable but please don’t prevent someone from doing or achieving something…


Baba… On Muhurat Trading ppl don’t do value investing. On this auspicious day ppl just buy 1 or 2 blue chip stocks to follow the tradition to feel good & without expecting a single rupee profit. It’s a different matter that the 2 blue chip stocks purchased on Muhurat Trading day become profitable with passing time.

Wishing all the traders & investors on this forum “Happy Dipawali” and “Happy Muhurat Trading.” :confetti_ball::tada::tada::balloon::sparkler::sparkler::balloon::tada::tada::confetti_ball:


Ok thanks, no more debate on this topic, happy diwali.


Hi Choudhary Saab, nothing to say anymore, I have done, happy diwali to you and your family.


Can you please elaborate how Commodities is different from Stocks. For me both of them are wealth creator. I don’t discriminate between money coming from commodity and money from Stocks.


By the way what time will Muhurt Trading start?


It’s nice that Zerodha is offering free brokerage for Muhurat trading.

How will the liquidity be for intraday trading during this session? BO and CO will work as usual?


I will definitely buy on diwali’s special session, may be single share of any company I love diwali and interested always to invest my money on this special day…Wish you happy diwali all of you…stay investing and keep healthy/wealthy…


I will give very short answer : commodities price is very predictable and somewhat stable over time but stocks need more scrutiny while buying, I for example do much research on stocks before buying, and I see stocks shouldn’t be bought on a particular date basis but on opportunity basis. Happy Diwali.


Bhai 1 ghante mei bhi gambling karni hai logo ko, its an auspicious day only for buying for religious purposes

Volumes wont be much in FNO and trading scrips


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If you are satisfied by name calling then that is your character but I haven’t moved by your insults, before calling somebody dhongi come out of birdbrain mentality and try see world in broader aspects.


530 pm to 630 pm


its not 5.30, to start at 5pm…


You are wonderful…u call me birdbrain etc & don’t like others calling u by names…anyway let us stop all this on such an auspicious day…wishing you & your family happy diwali…relax


No i saw 5 15 pre open and 5 30 actual…can u kindly help with bse or NSE links…i could not find in their links


Happy Diwali to you and your family. I hope you will have a prosperous year ahead.


I take 5 minute trades i.e. I close the trade if it doesn’t hit target in 5 minutes. So it doesn’t matter to me if it is 6 hour session or 1 hour session. I trade when I see an opportunity and in 5 minutes I make or lose money.

And I am also a little superstitious about making money on auspicious days. They say if you earn money on Lakshmi Puja day, the goddess will continue to shower wealth in your house throughout the year.


I heard stocks purchased yesterday cannot be sold today but
Stocks purchased today (Diwali) can be sold same day ?