What is the significance of Samvat 2075 and Muhurat trading 2018?


@marty Sir pls don’t get confused. Same day anyone can square off and a intraday trade is just cash settled. There is no delivery obligation

But ifu bought yesterday today is ideally T+1. But this day is like a Sunday for settlement purpose. So ur T+1 will come only on next working day ie Friday. So even for btst u have to wait until friday




I saw my contract notes today and there is a brokerage deduction of 160 for Muhurat session trading in F&O. Also IGST was also charged which includes 18% of brokerage. Is this by mistake or there is actually brokerage for muhurat session ?


I was charged brokerage and its visible in my contract notes


Brokerage charged gets refunded back for yesterday. Check your ledger.