What is the use of 60 days challenge certificate?

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Can anyone tell me what is the use of 60 days challenge certificate where I can use what benefits I can get from that certificate?


The effort a full time daytrader puts into their work are not otherwise visible to your neighbors, friends and relatives.

Outsiders have a perception that a full time daytrader ( profitable or otherwise ) are jobless and spends most of the time in-house hiding away from their successful friends and relatives.

Unless, you can afford a couple of audi, bmw. merc and park in your driveway for others to see that you are making money.

Now, on how these certificates becomes useful? If you manage to get one, you can frame it and leave it on your doorstep or pin it on your social profile. It will help to ease the above pain.



Haha that true :+1:

Just to show outsiders and friends am working and generating income with genuine ways by showing this certificate.

Now, in my view this certificate become worthy… Especially bachelor who are looking for Matches and their wood-be asking what is your income what you do and what is your business then they can email this certificate :joy::grinning::rofl:

Good explanation @Morpheus

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It can show how much you earn profit in a year for simple claculation to understand

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