What is TotalBuyQty and TotalSellQty in market watch? If TSQ is very high, does than mean ppl are bearish today?

In Marketwatch I see TotalBuyQty and TotalSellQty. What are these values?

Is it the amount of pending limit orders in the Limit Order Book cumulative of all the prices?

Sometimes this is one sided, say TotalSellQty is almost 2 to 3 times of TotalBuyQty, what should I infer from this?

A detailed explanation in section 9.6 of this chapter - http://zerodha.com/varsity/chapter/the-trading-terminal/

Ok thanks. Been in the first module only, yet.
Will go thro in sequence.
I didnt find the answer there Karthik, could you reply here, is it the entire order cumulative pending in the Limit Order Book.
Anyways googled and after reading several documents found this link which explains TBQ and TSQ.
Its the total number of orders (no of cumulative shares) pending in the order book, as per my surmise.

I still did not get answer to my second question.