What is wrong with the scanner?

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Today, I had loaded the scanner with all Nifty 50 scripts for both the Buy and Sell signals separately. But, it generated no signals from 9.15 to 10.30 am in the morning. (I had loaded both the scanners just before 9.15 am)
However, when I check now using the Backtest feature and the same scripts and timeframe, it shows trades generated during that window. Is there anything wrong with the scanner?

Also, is there any sound alert we get or the most recent alert generated gets moved to the top of the scanner list. Is any such feature available?
Or do we have to keep scrolling the list up and down to see the generated alert? (For ex- consider the Nifty 50 list)

Edit: Today as well, I did not get an scans highlighted in yellow. I am sure when I run the backtest today as well, I would get trades generated on the same list of stocks and same settings.


  1. you should take support from the zerodha by mail on [email protected].
  2. scanner is for LIVE market only.
  3. As i use scnner There is no sound alert. no, such feature is not available in scnner.
    4)Other:- Check time frame you select in Scnner and marketwatch. if you want to generate sound alert than go for expert advisory option. You can make your own.

hello trader, Please attach the code you are trying to use.

Thank you folks for answering… During backtest on both days, I can see trades generated on some of the Nifty 50 stocks, but the scanner did not generate a single alert on the Nifty 50 list of stocks! As checked with the support team, there seems to be an issue with the scanner. They are following up with the concerned vendor regarding the same and we can expect a fix in the next release. In the meantime, I need to look out for other good TA software options!