What is your opinion about aries agro for investment?

Would you recommend aries agro for short term (up to a year) or for longer term ( for up to 3-4 years)?

What is the correct approach for fundamental analysis …I mean what exactly I should look for?

also what else should I consider before investing?

look return on capital employed,which i think around 10% for last five years.it is slightly below the fair price so you would get returns on your investment if you hold it for short term to long term provide that it will continue to grow and roce and roe ratios improve from here.but from my point of view it would not be a very great investment unless some great buisness tactics employed by managemnts and also fertilizers buisness generally have not that much growth rate as compared to others ,putting all things apart i think u will earn profits from this investment but how much it will be no one could tell. cheers happy investment

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NO Mutual Fund Participation. They probably know more than you and me.