What is youtube million dollar video strategies truth

Everyone seems to be helping others by making and sharing trading strategy video on you tube. And they show their account as proof of earning 10k and 25k in 10-20 min.
When asked, if you can earn so much why are you making videos for youtube. Answer is, "We are helping others!"
Are they really trying to help others or they are helping themselves with youtube ad revenue?


Remember any person who seriously earns from trading (I highly doubt that) will not bother to come up in YouTube and start social service, those guys are actually failure in their life and they only interested in to increase their subscription number. Never ever trust them they are all liars.


The strategies that really make money are never shared with others. At least not in the Stock Trading business.

Think for yourself, Will you do it ? NO.

People share their strategy only when they have found a better one for themselves. They just want to capitalize on an obsolete formula and want you to try your luck on it while they dry you out of your savings.

I once heard some one say ** A student will run out of money before the GURU runs out of new strategies**

Secondly, A person who has been sharing million dollar trading strategies since 10 years ago , why do they still need this peanut earnings from Google adsense on their website and youtube ad revenue.

Every daytrader is in the stock market to live a relaxed and luxurious life like DiCaprio in The WOLF of WallStreet and not sell strategies on YouTube for pennies after 10 years of daytrading.

A person with common sense would definitely ask: either the GURU is only good as you are or their strategies itself are not good.

Next time you see someone boasting 10 years of trading experience and still selling strategy for peanuts. Ask yourself, with so many strategies in their pockets, Is this person Not settled yet ? Maybe they need some help for themselves after all.


If youtube and websites are not good place to look for trading strategies.
Then where do good traders learn from?

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What motivates them to dry you out of your savings? What do they gain by wiping you out? You are not their competitor, you are just another retail trader trying to make your trading profitable and make a living, like so many other traders. Sorry to be blunt, but you are insignificant in the overall scheme of the stock market.

Why should it not be true that they are trying to help?

It is human nature to let others know that your strategy worked for you and it may work for others too. If I had a strategy that worked well, I would shout from the rooftops - maybe I won’t run naked from the bath like Archimedes shouting “Eureka”, but I will definitely want to tell the world I have done it.

Your motivation changes at different stages in your life and indeed your trading career.

Initially you start off hoping to make money, and as the money comes in, you are no longer motivated only to earn more and enjoy yourself with the money earned. Believe me, if you earned even Rs 10 crores from the stock market (leave alone Rs.100 crores plus)) you’ll no longer think money is the main motivator. You will look for other things to give you a sense of satisfaction - you may have several other needs from Maslow’s heirarchy of needs - ego needs, self esteem, recognition, etc.

Heck, you may run out of things to spend your money on. What will you do beyond a point? Stuff it in your mattress or line your walls with gold bricks?

As for selling their strategy for peanuts, anything given free is not valued. They are hoping you will try their strategy seriously (as you have paid for it, even if it is peanuts), and hopefully make money like them. If you do, you will tell others and so on, leading to fulfilment of their self esteem needs.

Regarding not sharing one’s strategy, it is again a lack mentality. Do you think another 100 or 500 traders trading your strategy will make you lose the effectiveness of the strategy? If so, every strategy known publicly should fail.

It is not retail traders who can move and shake the markets. By not sharing your strategy, have you added 100x times more wealth to your bank account? I doubt it.

The markets being dynamic, some strategies may not do as well as they did in the beginning. It is upto you as a trader to make changes to the strategy as the market dynamics changes.

Sorry for the rant, but try thinking positively so that you also make lots of money, and remove your mental blocks. Maybe you will then want to share how you did it.


May be your rant is genuine but again those guys in YouTube who pretends as an expert are just acting as a show presenter just to entertain and make money. They don’t teach anything new if you are serious read some popular books on that subject. Sorry I totally disagree with you.

I have learned many things by watching such videos and adding my own twist on their ideas.

To each his own, I guess.

Some people write books, some express their thoughts by creating a video. You are caught up in the awe of big names writing a book.


It’s not necessarily to be ad revenue because it is very low, google doesnt pay for showing ad, in your video, the viewer should make a business to get some revenue. So its 50% 50%, you cant make video to go viral just like that, creating a network, making people to watch is also other way.

But, some of the people really get benefit out of the video… I got benefited by watching it…

I don’t think any more than .01% of those people do that for “helping others”, maybe there are people to help but I’ve not sen any.
In my opinion, they make such videos either to make money from ads (peanuts, of course) or to make their institution famous or to simply showoff and make others feel jealous:>
It is very easy for anybody to show an offline chart and say “I entered at this point, exited at that point and made 1L”. Even if there are live trading videos, they would’ve got profits doing that after failing many times with the same strategy (and they won’t upload those videos which show how they failed).
By the way, so far I’ve seen only people shouting “I traded with 5k and got 10k in 20mins”. Have you seen any video in which they say “I did this mistake xxxxxxx, don’t do it”? I feel the latter is more important than the success stories.
We should be very selective and careful in taking notes from those videos anyways.


There are some amazing videos on youtube for learning purpose and few of them are even not monetized.like tradeacademy.in videos are really good and for learning purpose.there is one more channel named marketgurukul.
Dont criticise all youtube uploader just judge them as per your need and try to learn from them.

No body can learn from trading, it’s just human psychology, extremely unpredictable, no guarantees of sustainable profits over long time. Better to learn proper investing. Trading looks attractive just because of instant gratification, it will provide you a biryani at end of the day but in 10 years perspective you will be more or less in same financial situation.

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If this was true prop firms wouldn’t be existing.

Man, Its just by the investment of ones own time and ability. Its as natural as qualifying your semester exams by studying and learning throughout your academic year. :wink:
And there is nothing wrong in learning from others. Just see what we are doing here in this site ? “Learning from each other”.
But the thing is “in Market, Nothing works consistent always” I.E., there are no hard & frost rules here in this world of financial markets. For example, if one indicator on one stock worked on one day, it may or may not work on very next day. If one idea worked on one stock, it may or may not work on another stock.

So, as everything is subjective in markets, Its better be on their own for everybody. End of the day, "one must Depend only on their own learning…"
All the best.

thanq :slight_smile:

Play Safe… :wink:

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Videos do help to some extent but the main guru is “experience”. If money cudnt be made then trading wudnt have existed.Some earn Some lose part of the game.
It seems to easy at first but time will explain that its not a kids game.

It’s my bad that I criticized trading, may be my rational to investing in stocks is different than others. I don’t trade/invest for my bread and butter, I have a better backup for that. I invest for my capital appreciation in long term so that all my financial problems should overcome in coming years. Retirement, child education/marriage, are my first priority.

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Try opentrade.in they are live trades for learning from experts

There are some genuine videos too where people teach concepts on youtube so why are you guys wasting time criticizing. Rather why don’t you get creative & share good ideas / strategies on these platforms. I think this sadhu is same guy who writes baseless predictions about markets to confuse people. Get rational & put some efforts to learn the art of trading or investing without spreading rumors.

Hi buddy, yes you are absolutely guessed it right I am that sadhu(am I so famous because of my surname?:wink:) who lives in real world not in fantasy. As you confidently said I predict baseless(really? But why do I do that, damn!) prediction.Hmm if you are care to come out of your fantasy world you may see there enough bases available of market turmoil in near future. And one more thing don’t get me wrong I too fantasize of the growth story and I wish that were true, but… you know everything doesn’t work smoothly in real world.But, yes again but, ours (India+World) microeconomics as well as macroeconomics scenario is not that rosy. Yes I can guess your happy face now turned into gloomy one, but everybody should be ready, never late than sorry.

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This might also be a reason Making youtube as second source of income.