What kind of companies can traders work in? Are there any institutions that hire traders?

Many companies hire traders, the employers need not be a regular bank or a broking firm…it could be companies like -

Reliance / Shell / BPCL etc - They hire crude oil trader and forex traders to hedge their positions in spot

Thomas Cook / Cox & Kings - They hire forex traders

Cargill / Olam / Louis Dreyfus - They hire commodities traders, in fact they are the biggest commodity traders

Banks - They hire Bonds and Interest Rate Futures traders

Family Office - They hire equity traders to private transactions

This list can get quite exhaustive, just be aware that there are highly rewarding opportunities…however they are limited and gets taken away by the best.


I feel that the money a good trader can make is unmatched as salary from any institution.

So the best company a trader can work is for the self.

If such a trader chooses to work for any institution, it may not be just for money.