What one should do to HEDGE against INDEX funds?

I’m starting a sip in INDEX FUND,
& before i take position i want to know how to hedge it if it doesn’t go as expected?

Hedging reduces your returns. Buy and hold is a better strategy.
Check this

I have to agree with @rj07.

Hedging is suitable only for LEVERAGED products and is meant and designed for LEVERAGED products. i.e FNOs.

if you are buying MF or stocks you dont need to hedge. It doesn’t serve a purpose. At a minimum be well diversified and hold.

Also do not compare returns of hedge funds and index funds as they are serve different purpose. one is leveraged other is not.

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You can choose to hedge your exposure to the index by shorting the index, or buying a put against the index, but because these move in the exact opposite direction of each other, using them together could defeat the purpose of investing (it’s a breakeven strategy).

It’s not a good idea to hedge against your long term investments. It will only increase your costs and reduce your return. And since you are doing SIP, there is no need to be afraid of market volatility as it will only help you by averaging your buying costs in the long term.