What scripts are available for intraday short selling. The stocks list provided on the margin calculator link is not complete

The link below does not represent the complete list which can be traded intraday. Few examples out of this list which i traded recently (WELENT,PRISMCEM,SONATASOFTW,WALCHANAG) . I need the complete list of stock which can be traded using MIS option.


NaMasTe TraDeR,

A full inclusive list is not available for your requirement.

In general, It is considered that all NON T2T scrips can be short sold using the MIS product type.

The Margin Calculator shows all stocks on which intraday margin can be used and the rest can be short sold with full funding.

Does it mean that I can short sell stocks like SONATASOFTW, , RPPINFRA, SAKSOFT, STCINDIA etc. , if they belong to the EQ segment , by using product type MIS.
Thank You.