What should be Nature of business on ITR 3 form for FY 2017/18?


Nature of business code which 0204 - Trading:Others last year seems to be not available on ITR3 form this year. What code should I use?

Most Relevant code for Nature of Business ITR 3 AY 18-19

Yeah, selecting the right code for Nature of business onITR3 form this year is a little tricky. I think it should be 130010 - Financial Intermediation/Investment activities.

The reason being other categories might need GST registration.

Do checkout taxation module on Varsity.


Casinos and other games of chance-10011 looks even more appropriate :joy:


True … only Casual Income are taxed at Straight 30% if we use Casino & other Games. :rofl:


used 09028 = retail sale of other products

not sure if that is right


With no available input on clear identification we can put this as well and wait when we get 143(1) ie processing of IT returns.