What should i do with my open ITM options position on the day of expiry

I do own NIFTY NOV 11900 CE with price 225 on 27th November, 2019. Tomorrow will be November 2019 expiry.

What should I do with my open position?

What will happen if i keep it open and NIFTY Closes tomorrow @ 12200?

What will happen if I keep it open and NIFTY Closes tomorrow @ 12000?

Please guide me how should I proceed to have profitable trade.

Thanks in advance.

In both cases your option will end up ITM ( In the money) but profit will depend on your buy price, also these are basic queries and one should have proper understanding on outcomes as it is your hard earned money, start with varsity and then start trading in options, if not it won’t take much time for you to loose your entire capital.

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