What should SEBI do? My ramblings

Here is a small list of what SEBI should mandate …

  1. The face value of any instrument to be the same (be it any kind of share or debenture or MF or anything). I think 10 INR is a good choice.

  2. All derivative contract size to be same. I vote for 10 again. With a smaller lot size of like 10, retail investors can easily hedge their portfolio.

  3. There should be a certification requirement, renewed every 5 years or so, to be able to participate in day-trading, heavy short term trading and derivative trading.

  4. The settlement everywhere should be end of the day itself (i.e. just T).

  5. All exchanges and brokers should provide a public API so people can use software they are comfortable with.

  6. Make all MF transactions via exchanges only and holdings to be in the demat account only. i.e. All MFs are ETFs.

What do you think? Any more from you?

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