What smallcase creators earn?

looking at so many IIT’ians sending tweets and getting WhatsApp msg for investing in their invented smallcase, it appears that IIT’ians are left with no jobs at all, and all are running small case
Are these iit’ians really iit’ians? :smiley:

ek question jarror hai - if their smallcases are making so much money, why ask others to invest in their smallcase? some commission-based deal for smallcase creators?

I mean, what do they earn? some brokerage commission as small percentage?
bcoz they can earn much more instead of small percent commission like the claims they make for their smallcase returns… so why make smallcase public???

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Hi Nikki - as per regulations, one cannot monetize/earn from sharing research/advice if they’re not registered with SEBI as an RA/RIA - so there’s no commissions/earnings involved. DM-ing you to understand this behaviour

There are 65+ SEBI-registered entities/individuals who manage their own smallcases for a fee that’s mentioned for every product - you can find the list here https://www.smallcase.com/discover/creators

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ok thank u…so it means properly registered ppl are there and they earn fee for smallcase cretion. my question was bcoz there are many tweets of ppl from iit so i asked for confirmation
https://twitter.com/Sonaam1234/status/1335810014242623490 - profile
https://twitter.com/WeekendInvestng/status/1336192434045272067 - profile

based on ur response it means they can be properly registered ppl. then it shud be fine.

but i m interested to know why they are tellling their trade secrets thru smallcase? they can earn more big profit by trading on their own secret smallcase as per their smallcase profit claims, then why earn only small percent commission by making small case public like this???