What to do with my Mutual Fund schemes

Hi There,

I was wondering what would I do with my Mutual Fund schemes if after 2.5 years of investing (god forbids!) Zerodha shuts its Coin Platform?
Will I be able to transfer my MF schemes to the AMCs/other brokers? Or I will have to redeem all my units?


All your units are held in demat form which you can transfer anytime.


Important to note that all that’s stored as demat (equity shares /goldbees/MF etc) are actually stored by cdsl/ndsl which are owned by the govt (?)

So ur DP statement/MF purchase rcpt is proof of ownership.

Even if ur dp (hypothetical example- Zerodha) etc gets closed, your holding are never at risk.
You can casually trfr it to another DP

However if u have any margin ₹ store with your DP, that is @risk. I think, but am not sure, that’s somehow insured /covered by sebi to the extent of 15lac,but not sure how it works! Or even if it’s true!

Thanks Guys for your help!:grinning: