What were your expectations from Budget 2018?

The Union Budget 2018 will be presented tomorrow. What are your expecting this budget? Share your views.


Taxes on Farmers having Farming Income above 1cr.
Those are tax invaders behind face of Farmers…

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Stop income tax, as there is taxation on all spendings, GST etc , just keep wealth tax for people earning more than a certain income, having more than 2 cars,2 homes etc.



Yes stop income tax.

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“Expectation leads to Disappointment”

Taken my positions in NIFTY & BANKNIFTY.
All I want tomorrow is “Volatility”


All eyes on LTCG and STT.

what is the BANKNIFTY position tomorrow. 1st FEB 28500 CE

Hi Sir,
When a person earn one lakh and pay tax 30000 why should one pay in spending remaining 70000 in form of GST and other taxes in shops or purchases etc., if he spend remaining 70000 in market again he need to pay 20% on it in form of tax… that means 14000 again tax on tax paid amount… so total tax collection is more than 50% from government if you calculate it in same format. In world nowhere this much tax is there. Its only here we are agreeing for everything they decide… also fines from banks for our own accounts if we don’t maintain minimum balance… how will everyone maintain minimum balance … indirectly the system is telling that if you can’t maintain minimum balance don’t open account or close account if you already have. The system is going clean and green but people pockets also clean by that time… we can see only clean and green but we can’t enjoy this without money. EOD it is ordinary people who suffers on every action … like petrol hike… gst hike… transport hike… recently Tamil nadu govt increased charges equal to cabs for ordinary buses… very funny… The only reason for all these is nobody have time to ask question anyone… even if we ask no answer… only option left in people hand is vote… not sure how they will utilize their valuable vote…


but without taxation how the economy of the country will go on?:confused::thinking::thinking:
this is the biggest problem in India …the people who are capable of paying tax, they don’t pay and the burden comes to middle class and to the poor…I mean how much money a person wants? must think on it…

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Government already earns so much from indirect taxes.

Government has enough funds they don’t know how to spend efficiently. Most of the funds goes to waste due to corruption


Hello Sirendranath! My friend in Germany who gets a decent average salary pays 42% on his gross salary in the form of tax. Additionally a VAT of 19% applies to the everyday spending. India being a developing country should have more money than a developed country. If we pay less in taxes today, the inflation will take our money virtually. You could understand this in terms of currency to global standards, INR value almost reduced by 60X in past 50 years. Finally, in almost all other countries whether the person is rich or poor, earning or resting, all should pay same taxes on their income and India is already a trend setter in having tax slabs. I understand that you are worried paying tax, but just remember without taxes your inflation can shoot up. Told this and only way to address your concern is to introduce LTCG and discount GST. Gov can ease the income slabs but definitely not to the level everyone is expecting. Well said @amit_gandhi


It’s fate and hope never change as it hasn’t changed since last 75 years.
Just after Independence, our leaders started looting and continues.
Better, it should be legalized and GST imposed.

I hope Kalam’s dream will remain Dream forever.

Yes… so more looting…

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Hi @amit_gandhi,

I proposed a thought of abolishing tax for the lower income groups, and tax the wealthy and super rich, so that you can also curb their unnecessary spending( multiple examples: check this and this, I know a lot of people in that bracket would feel bad, but then remember you are serving the nation by contributing more. So with the current taxation structure, I don’t see anything has changed in the last 30 years I have been alive. You see development happening yes, but is all this happening from the taxes being collected?

Just an opinion, also taxing higher on the purchase of second home/car will help curb unnecessary spending and bring more money to the coffers, reduce the taxation on the first house/car.



I really understand that every one including us is worried in Corruption. But what do you think will solve the problem?? The only way to fight with this is busting of bad people in the string. If we use other tools like lowering the tax, then these corrupted people start to find other ways of cheating and the inflation will eat the common man’s head!!

I hope government will take measures to bust these guys! Hoping for the day of 0 corruption.

I pray to GOD, this should happen before I die.

A Normal Frustrated Citizen


Hi @Anand_b,

Solution: here.



Zero STT on Purchase of Equity for Delivery. STT on Sale shud continue.

Uniform STT across Intraday Equity n Derivative transactions for both Purchase n Sale.

These r my Wishes & not Expectations :wink:

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