What will be the allotment price of Bharat 22 ETF NFO?

What will be the allotment price of Bharat 22 ETF NFO? Will we get it @NAV or at higher price as the s&p bse bharat 22 index ?

Maybe @faisr can help.

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You can refer to this post.


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As gov raises 14500cr from 8000cr . How this extra 6500cr will be divided into investors? As of now every segment has 25% allotment. Will extra units be allotted proportionally ? Or it will alloted to selected sectors.

Bharat22 set to provide listing gains

With markets bottomed near 10100 and looks to make fresh highs…

It seems that Bharat22 will have 3 day weighted average price coming low.

15th Nov - 36.74
16th Nov - 37.07
17th Nov - 37.24

Average should be near 37.02

After 3% discount it would cost 35.90

Predicting markets making new top in next two weeks, we can forecast price of Bharat22 to be 38.5.

This will give a margin of 6% on listing day to allottees.

At Rs 2 lacs application you get 5550 units and at 38.5 it would give a profit of Rs 14300

@37.25 todays rate = 7500 profit
Or @ 36.75 low rate of few days back = 4600 profit

All the best to those subscribed…


This ETF was meant for making wealth in longer time horizon, why should I sell it at Rs. 14,000 and just have some Biryani for consolation.

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Bharat 22 gets allotted in NFO @35.97 with 139units as min allocation (for 5000Rs)

35.97 allotment price
37.48 Fridays closing price

Can anyone explain how the NAV has been arrived @35.97. I feel they have included 150 commission and 18% GST in the NAV.

Did you received any allotment emails from Zerodha?

@IIFLVALSAD great calculation. On the dot, w.r.t the allotment price. :+1:

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Bharat 22 fully alloted @ Rs 35.97

35.97 is allotment price

I got my units at 35.97 RS NAV’s , but latest NAV value showing as 10 RS… So all are under 72% loss ?

Can someone explain please .

Can you explain how you calculated the NAV?

:clap::clap: Spot on!

Note: The ETF lists tomorrow and BHARATIWIN is the symbol. Units have already been credited to your demat accounts and you would have received confirmation messages from CDSL/ICICI AMC. The units will be visible in your holdings tomorrow.

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Right but what steps icici will take to mach NAV and Market Price? We got that units for rs 35.97. That’s fine . 4030904767 units alloted @ 35.97. Wich tends to 14500crs.

I am newbie in this field.
Can anyone please let me know why NAV get ~35 and EFT launched?
While in case of NFO, if I bought it on 10/- per unit then regardless how much time it overbooked, unit allocation would be same 10/- unit.
Thank in advance for let me the concept on which it works,