What will happen if I don't have money in my equity wallet, and my SIP's are active?

Consider I have 1 ongoing SIP and scheduled date for payment is 5th of every month.


  1. If I don’t have any fund in my equity wallet, will it purchase on 5th and show negative balance in my account or it will automatically pause my SIP for that month?

  2. Can I change my SIP scheduled date later? Like from 5th of every month, can I change to 10th of every month?


The SIP will check for balance in your trading account the next 5 days, if there is balance on any of these 5 days, the order is sent to AMC, else this SIP instalment will be missed

Yes, you can modify the date of the SIP from 5th to 10th, you can also increase your instalment amount and alter the duration of investment.


So if I don’t have fund in my wallet, my SIP wont trigger on 5th with negative balance in my account???

No it won’t. We have just done the UPI integration, we will soon start sending collect request on UPI on the SIP date if you don’t have funds in your trading account. But yes, if no funds, SIP won’t trigger.

Learn on how UPI works here

Hi Nithin, for how many months can we pause a SIP? Like for some MF’s if you miss SIP for 3 consecutive months, they will close the scheme. In that way for how many months can we pause a SIP so that it doesn’t expire??

Hi Piyush,

Theres no such restriction on our platform. You can pause it for any duration as per your convenience.

Why can’t I unsubscribe Coin subscription and hold onto units I hold before subscription.Isnt it not to Zerodha to ask us to sell off all the units to unsubscribe. Zerodha has stood for the investor but I find this a little archaic…

Just checking on this.some sip such as mirae does not offer to pause sip.it has only option of cancel.if i dnt want to cancel but due some reason for next 4 months there will be no fund in my equity wallet. ,You sure right sip will not be cancelled.after 4th month sip will continue as it is

EMI works that way…not SIP

Check this post.