What will happen to my DMAT account if you don't pay AMC to broker for long time.

What will happen to my DMAT account & shares in it, if don’t pay AMC(annual maintenance charge) for a long time say 10 years or more to a broker?

I have an old account with one of the broker but I don’t remember any details including the account number, DMAT number what so ever(since I don’t hold anything there & did not trade for a long time i.e more than 10 years), till a few years back they keep sending post letter asking for me to pay AMC, but from few years they even stopped that.

I made multiple attempts to talk to the branch but they could not identify my account and the branch in my city got closed and then I gave up my effort to close the account(this is 8 years ago)

what will happen to that account? why they are not closing that account automatically since I am not paying AMC?
can they take any action or penalty if so what is the scope?

If you haven’t done any trades in your demat account, the account will be in dormant status.

Account opening/closure can be done only with the consent of the account holder. Hence the broker might not be closing your account. Instead, they might make necessary changes in their system like marking it as inactive/dormant.

Depends on the terms and conditions/internal policy. You should check with the broker to know more about it. You can either check your email for the communication that you have done with that broker or can check for account opening forms. You might be able to find some information related to your account if you have registered your email ID with that broker.