What works better Multi-time frame or Multi-timeframe completed?

Does anyone have inputs based on live trading experience? I am planning to test both in paper trading form tomorrow

I use MTF in a strategy regularly. It gives early entry right when the signal matches on the higher time chart. True that till the closing the indicators can change and you might not be able to verify the signal but if you want an early entry then MTF is the way to go.

for intra trades i prefer MTF and for swing/positional trade is use MTFc

Great input thanks

Thanks, guys @trading_technicals @Tradeinpeace I am also back testing both currently. Will share what i find out to be working better

The MTF feature in streak fails miserably sometimes weather it is complete or not. Test sample data from backtest manually.

MTFc accurately matches for me. MTF as they have added in disclaimer too that it might not always be verifiable.

i had written to them to understand mtfc better, post which i understood how to check the results. you can try that too

I have noticed that Multi-timeframe completed can be verified almost all the time. And Multi-time frame plain if you check the condition as soon as an alert is there then they match but if you check in backtest then it shows early entry. (this Streak guys already warn about)

But I guess this is how MTF will work as @Tradeinpeace said it is giving early entry. I’ll keep you guys posted on anything new that I come up with.