What you guys think about DHFL and yes bank

What do you think about DHFL and yes bank?
will it ever recover and share price will go up?

I am not sure why it has even 13/14 Rs. value to it ?
why its not totally sunken ship yet?

@maddy_Des @ksksat

I am a Credit spread trader.
I do not invest or trade equities.
So I am not a good person to answer your query.
generally speaking, prediction in stock market is a wishful thinking.
How can I say what will be the fate of DHFL & Yes bank? One fine morning you will come to know that daamad of DHFL promoter is businesman par excellience and DHFL just crossed RIL in market cap. Then another fine morning you will be told that there was no business wizardry and it was all just book manipulation and DHFL is filling for bankruptcy.
Only thing that matter is Proper position sizing and risk management.

So sorry I cant help you here. But if I remember correctly, other person you tagged is very much expert in field of predicting others’ doom. You take his advice. You will surely remember him on the day of reckoning he predicted.


@curiousvi yes bank there is a minor hope because it is a headache for rbi. So it will not be left to file bankruptcy. It may go to 7 or 35 but it will exist in some form or merged. It is now a party stock. Treat it like buy option with unlimited expiry date and lottery game

Dhfl it has deeper problems with money laundering etc. Stay away even from lottery ticket perspective

@maddy_Des thx for ur hatred complements. Nowadays i have started enjoying ur teasing.

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The comment was 15 days back, right?
Many things happened after that!!!
You posted a topic with taklu video and tagged me out of the blue!!
So why this late comment?!
Expired topic!

I have a better suggestion.
Whenever you feel like you need my abuses - just open new topic filled with your idiocy and stupidity and half knowledge about option selling and writers. Make wild claims, predict dooms, jinx the ppl, add all negative and depressing comments, talk like an expert when you know zilch about the topic. And I will surely be there to correct your misunderstandings and mis-information.

But why would a sane person do such kinds stupid things? Ohh yes, you