What's a view on idea

Do we have any strategy on Idea?
At what level this trend of downards will continue?

Made 52 week low & looks highly manipulated.

What’s the bottom in this stock.whether there will be reversal in near future anticipatng Idea Vodafone merger

At what price you are stuck?

Nope…I am thinking to buy put option@45 price for 80 paise.Can we expect long downtrend citing expiry till 31st may 18

Last time it made a low of 40 in 2009 and 50 in 2010 from there bounced back.

If I were you I would look for any other opportunities.
But, If you are sure about Your Analysis you can take position.

Within May i dont know if we see more downfall or not. Because in short term there may be a small rebound. Or if Karnatak results are good, then maybe all stocks rally a bit.

But overall its in downtrend only and I feel it may go upto RCOM level prices also LOL.

June puts you can target if you get cheap or May puts alos might work if you can take that risk

I don’t think so it will happen in June 18 due to impending merger between Vodafone-Idea.I thank whatever the downtrend to occur, will be only till this month or till the price of Rs.40.

@Ganesh_Nyati, The rsi indicating as oversold @ 9 point… so be cautious

So whether this can rebound from this price