What's happening in Talwalkars?

This stock was falling down since a month due to demerger news.

It’s understandable, but today the circuit opened.

Stock went into UC, and then suddenly back to Lower circuit.

Now there is news stock has been put in ASM category?

Is this the next Vakrangee or Gitanjali Gems case?

Company is undergoing a demerger

New company yet to be listed

One is gym equipment business
2nd not sure

Yes i know that background

But share price movement today seems suspicious to me

Also, BSE price of share was 4 rs less than NSE price

Now NSE is in lower circuit, and in BSE, circuit is still open

Can any expert suggest what may be going on here?

And what can be the fair value of this stock post demerger?

please don’t compare these two cases.

Yes i noted, seems like they gave exit to this mutual fund

And now today it is in LC

I am actually surprised today morning it traded normally allowing the people who were trapped yesterday to sell

It seems operator have become very KIND

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