What's The Difference Between Add Biller With URN Number & E-mandate

Of course both have auto debit option for our SIP and all

But what’s the difference between both?

can’t find satisfactory answer on Google
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@MohitBangalore Can you.

Scheduling auto-payments through the add biller functions that some banks and UPI apps provide works the same way as the e-mandate feature a merchant provides.

The difference roots where the auto-pay registration is initiated from. With e-mandates, the merchant passes on the instruction of the auto payment to the bank. Whereas, in the biller flow, the merchant raises a bill to the bank (through the biller) which then processes the auto-payment. For a user, there is no difference in experience as the use case is fulfilled either way.

Check this video from NPCI explaining NACH (the structure on which e-Mandates are based on):

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