What's the hardest part about being successful at trading?

What’s the hardest part about being successful at trading?

“Success” may mean whatever you want it to mean. It could be making it big vs. getting a decent rate or return vs. not losing your money. It could be about stocks, bonds or options.

If you can spare a few minutes, do also talk about why it’s hard.

Discretionary trading based on screen watching or fundamental data processing is physically and mentally demanding. Also need to be managed along with everything thrown at you by life.

So apart from the first year in trading when I was figuring out, I have been a fan of systematic auto trading. Always felt it was the easiest thing I have done to make money.


Managing risk by losing less when my trade goes wrong.


To probably avoid information overload? Filtering through tons of information, and making an informed decision, I think helps go longer.


you become a doubt master! Overthinking about risk will create paranoia

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Future uncertainty/drawdowns.

Just because system worked in past does not mean it will continue to do so in future. It normally will, but things can change. With competition, edges can reduce too and we need to evolve.

Extended drawdown periods can be tough and frustrating, but i think they are necessary and probably this reduces competition. Also must ignore tall tales from other people ( whether true or false - who cares if there is nothing useful … )

Best protection against this is - diversification, not taking too much risk, and preferably having much larger than needed capital ( so must compound until we get there … ).

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The hardest part about being successful at trading is that it requires a combination of knowledge, skill, discipline, and emotional control. Obviously, diversification & too few risk.


Thanks - very helpful! Why is screen watching / fundamental processing so demanding?

Thanks Sorabh - among these - which would you say is more harder than others?

You have to be with the market when it is live and when it is not. Doing this day in and out puts a heavy load on the mind and the body. There are lot of other things that come in to our life that needs to be done. Market is not going to wait for you till you finish your other endeavours. Unless this is your main profession and pays u well it will feel incrementally hard to pursue with it over time if you walk through the discretionary path.

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ACCORDING to my experiene STATE OF MIND which we are in while trading determines our success and failure in trading …
When we loss we usually blame market but its all mind game …
How much ever technical ,fundamental we study until and unless our mind is not prepared we wont success …It is not just about strategy in trading …
Its always good to have some source of other income if want to make trading as a career …
Atleast that income should take care of your basic neccessities …
If state of mind is proper then surely can become a good trader…its not a impossible task …


i agree with you… though i dont system trade but in day trading when we continue look at screen and seeing fluctuations of price we make mistake …


Understanding psychology. Because trading success isn’t just about understanding the markets, it’s about mastering the neurological obstacles that hinder performance. You must be aware of the patterns in your behaviour and recognize how they can lead to mistakes. If you master in it, you become successful not just in trading, in life too. :blush:

Thanks… can you tell me what specific type / kind of information do you find most overloading?

Fighting boredom!!
There is nothing much to do after you have identified high probability setups and know your risk profile. The constant urge to analyze more is something you have to fight and overcome. So find other hobbies that you enjoy and fill your free time while you wait for setup to present itself.

During your struggle period, the situation is as if you’re fighting a war on two fronts. One with the markets and second with your family. Your family has no idea of trading yet they keep criticising you for your faliures