What's the maximum number of shares that one should hold?

What’s the maximum number of shares that one should hold ?
My portfolio has more than 80 scripts & all in small quantities. I try sort of SIP & buy on corrections. I am mainly long term Investor but do try day trading with small amount.

The performance of individual stocks vary from 100%profit to 50% loss but most of them are in profit. Whenever I have tried to reduce the number of holdings by selling few, the sold ones have run crazy. The ones in loss seems to have bottomed out & might reverse anytime. I also would like to balance it in terms of market cap size & sector wise. Wish zerodha had portfolio analysing tools like splitting stocks sector wise & market cap wise.

Request experts here to advise me if I am on right track. Should I reduce the number of scripts? How do I decide which ones to get rid off? Also, any free portfolio analysing online tools where I can upload kite Holdings to get the sectoral & market cap-wise analysis? Thanks in advance.

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